• The Bluenose II

    Bluenose Drive, Lunenburg, NS, Canada .

    You may recognize her from your Canadian dimes, launched in 1921 the Bluenose is a iconic Canadian schooner.  A piece of Canada history, the Bluenose ii is a replica of the historic schooner.  She is unmissable on the Lunenburg docks, or pop into her company store to find out more about her and her location.

    You can also book tickets to join a sail on her via their website or the company store.

  • Fisheries Museum of the Atlantic

    68 Bluenose Dr, Lunenburg, NS B0J 2C0, Canada .

    The bright red building on the harbour front isn't just a pretty face.  Inside is a very recommended museum.  Interesting and enjoyable for all ages, it covers a wide variety of fishing and ocean topics, as well as housing a small aquarium.  There are two beautifully maintained ships to explore, and a humbling memorial to those lost at sea. 

    The Fisheries Museum of the Atalantic is a must visit, even if it isn't a rainy day!

  • Trot in Time Buggy Rides

    Bluenose Drive, Lunenburg, NS, Canada .

    Experience Lunenburg from an olden day point of view, from a horse and buggy!  Be driven around the town, with an experienced and knowledgeable tour guide.  Learn amazing facts and enjoy the relaxing sound of horse hooves while you take in the sights.

    You can catch a ride right outside our inn on the lower street.  A local company with beautiful, healthy horses, and a firm town faveourite.

  • Lunenburg Walking Tours

    97 Kaulbach Street, Lunenburg, NS, Canada .

    A variety of tours are available, with knowledgeable and friendly guides.  Learn about the history of this UNESCO town, with neat facts and fun stories!  If you're feeling brave, try the ghost tour!

  • Ironworks Distillery

    Ironworks Distillery, Kempt Street, Lunenburg, NS, Canada .

    The historical building was made in 1893 and has been beautifully preserved, but the real treasure is inside.  A variety of spirits and liqueurs are available, taste and discover the flavors before taking your favourite home.  The staff are extremely knowledgeable and a great bunch of people, they offer fascinating and fun tours through the distillery.

  • Spa at Ninety4

    94 Pelham Street, Lunenburg, NS, Canada .

    Need to unwind?  Just up the hill from us in a spa with a wide range of facilities.  An oasis tub, massage table, manicures and pedicures, steam showers, and a spa bar.  Book yourself a treatment and have a fully refreshing holiday.

  • Lunenburg Academy of Music Performance (LAMP)

    97-101 Kaulbach Street, Lunenburg, NS, Canada .

  • Musique Royal

    64 Townsend Street, Lunenburg, NS, Canada .

    A not-for-profit organization in town that promotes early and traditional music in historic venues across Nova Scotia.  Take in a workshop, or watch a show while on your vacation.

  • Blue Rocks

    Blue Rocks, NS, Canada .


    Blue Rocks is a small working fishing village.  Aptly named, the blue slate rocks and small coves make for a stunning sight.  

  • Rum Runner Trail

    Halifax to Lunenburg, Nova Scotia .

  • The Ovens Natural Park

    Ovens Natural Park, Riverport, NS, Canada .

    Only a short drive away, the Ovens has more than the famous sea caves.  The unique geology of the ocean caves will astound you, and the booming of the waves in the cave is a sound you won't forget.

    Enjoy the museum on site, try kayaking, or give gold panning a try like in the authentic gold rush!

  • Lunenburg Whale Watching Tours

    2 Bluenose Drive, Lunenburg, NS, Canada .

    Pop down to the wharf and check out the sailing times, the crew keep a detailed tally of what kind of animals they have been catching a sight of.  It is pretty rare you will come back from this tour seeing nothing.  The knowledgeable crew know the best spots to catch a sight of magnificent whales, and are quick to tell you what kind of whale, fish, or seal you might be seeing.  

    From humpback whales, wright wales, porpoises, sun fish, and of course, seals, you will enjoy the scenic tour on the Atlantic!

  • Lunenburg Ocean Adventures

    68 Bluenose Drive, Lunenburg, NS, Canada .

  • Heritage Fishing Tours

    2 Bluenose Drive, Lunenburg, NS, Canada .

    See Lunenburg from a different angle, and enjoy the peace of the ocean.  An informative and fun way to learn and see the beautiful old town and harbour.

    Tel: (902) 634-3535

  • Star Charters

    2 Bluenose Drive, Lunenburg, NS, Canada .

    Sail Lunenburg on the Eastern Star with Star Charters.  The beautiful scenery and unique view of the down is a trip you won't want to miss.  Book a romantic sunset trip if you are visiting with your special someone.

  • Laurie Swim Gallery

    138 Lincoln Street, Lunenburg, NS, Canada .

    Beautiful local, unique art.  If you love textile art, or are curious to explore it, Laurie Swim Gallery has breathtaking pieces and a variety of styles. Only a short walk away from the Inn.

  • Lunenburg Art Gallery

    79 Pelham St, Lunenburg, NS B0J 2C0, Canada .

  • Power House Art

    129 Lincoln St, Lunenburg, NS B0J 2C0, Canada .

    A working studio and commercial gallery housing and supporting established and emerging artists. With a wide range of displays, this gallery is a special stop on your visit to Lunenburg.

  • Second Peninsula Provincial Park

    Lunenburg, NS B0J 2C0, Canada .

    A scenic local park, grab a picnic and enjoy the tables under the mature spruce and pine trees by the ocean.  Relax and enjoy nature, or cool off in the water.

  • Lunenburg War Memorial Arena and Farmers Market

    Green St, Lunenburg, NS B0J, Canada .

    In the winter, check the skate times and enjoy the ice while on vacation!  In the summer, every Thursday morning don't miss the Farmers Market. 

    Thursday mornings, local businesses from all over the south shore of Nova Scotia come to the market to show their wares, a variety of food, gifts, accessories and more is available!  Meet and chat to the locals, grab a coffee and a snack!

  • Knaut-Rhuland House

    125 Pelham St, Lunenburg, NS B0J 2C0, Canada .

    Built in 1793-1794, this historical house has been expertly preserved and is a true treasure of the town.  Full of history and stories, a visit here would make a memorable addition to any vacation.

  • Halifax&Southwestern Railway Museum

    11188 Hwy 3, Centre, NS B0J 2C0, Canada .

    Even if you aren't a train enthusiast, this place is worth a look!  Beautiful railway displays, and a small look at Lunenburg history.

  • emOcean Wellness Centre

    296 Lincoln Street, Lunenburg, NS, Canada .

    Feeling like a spa treatment, or wanting to give your hair some TLC?  emOcean can do that and more, definitely worth a look if you want to really relax while vacationing in town.

  • Bay to Bay Trail

    Dufferin Street, Lunenburg, NS, Canada .

    An accessible and beautiful walking trail.  The trail is about 10km and connects Lunenburg with the picturesque neighboring town of Mahone Bay.  The trail gives a beautiful view of the back harbour of Lunenburg.

  • Crescent Beach

    6HPP+4W Crescent Beach, Lunenburg, NS .

    A beautiful sandy beach!  Great place to swim, lounge, or stroll.  Great for everyone, you can even drive onto the beach at low tide.

  • Petite Rivière Vineyards

    1300 Italy Cross Road, Crousetown, NS B4V 6R2, Canada .

    A destination winery!  Picturesque vineyards and a beautiful store and tasting area.  A truly lovely place to visit with delicious Nova Scotia wine!  Taste your favorite there and bring back a bottle to enjoy on our balcony over the harbour.

  • Rissers Beach

    5366 Highway 331, Petite Rivière Bridge, NS B4V 6P2 .

    Rissers Beach is a provincial park.  There is a stunning boardwalk, and a gorgeous sandy beach that's lovely for swimming on a nice summer day!  Take a picnic or grab a snack from the small cafe there.

  • LaHave Bakery

    The LaHave Bakery, LaHave, B0R 1C0 .

    We recommend taking the LaHave Ferry to this cheerful bakery and shop.  A delicious selection of fresh baked goods, and lunches.  One sight is also a delightful store of locally sourced and made gifts and art.

  • Sand Dollar Beach

    8P22+RX Indian Path, Lunenburg, NS .

    A must visit at low tide.  Long stretches of beautiful soft sand, soft waves, and of course, Sand Dollars!  Have a stroll and you just might be lucky enough to find one!


  • Spindler Beach

    Feltzen South Rd, Feltzen South, NS B0J 2X0 .

    A quaint and stunning little beach.  A locally known spot for finding some seaglass!  Spindler Beach has a beautiful view of Lunenburg across the water.

    Why don't you visit the Ovens before or after a trip to this beach?  The two are easily linked into a lovely afternoon!


  • Oxner's Beach

    Lower Lahave Rd, Lower LaHave, NS B0J 2W0 .

    Recommended you visit this one at low tide to fully enjoy the experience.  This beach is sheltered in the LaHave, so a great one for a windy day!  

    As you drive through Rose Bay on your way there, or back to Lunenburg, the Rose Bay General store might be a nice pit stop for any shoppers among you.

  • Lunenburg County Winery

    813 Walburne Rd, Mahone Bay, NS B0J 2E0 .

    The winery is located at Hackmatack Farm, where you can also pick blueberries in the season!  Lovely locally produced wines, in a beautiful setting!  If you are a fruit wine fan, or curious to try some, this is the place for you as their selection is delicious!

  • Saltbox Brewery

    363 Main St, Mahone Bay, NS B0J 2E0 .

    Beer lover?  Or just a lover of cool atmospheric local businesses with local people?  This is a place you cannot miss.  A lovely patio in the summer to enjoy your craft ales, ciders, or non-alcoholic beverages if you prefer.  In the summer you might even find a local food truck parked nearby offering local, fresh snacks!

  • Amos Pewter

    589 Main St, Mahone Bay, NS B0J 2E0 .

    Learn and see how pewter is made and shaped into timeless pieces.  Their work really is beautiful with something to please everyone.  Pick up a gift for yourself or a loved one, with a truly memorable Nova Scotia South Shore souvenir.

  • St. John's Anglican Church

    64 Townsend St, Lunenburg, NS B0J 2C0 .

    A historical treasure of Lunenburg and beautiful example of architecture. The second oldest church in Canada of English origin, and well worth a short stroll up the hill to visit. 

  • Lunenburg Academy

    97 Kaulbach St, Lunenburg, NS B0J 2C0 .

    A unique and iconic Lunenburg building.  Built between 1893-1895, well worth a walk to visit.

  • Peggy's Cove

    Peggys Point Rd, Peggys Cove, NS B3Z 3S1 .

    An iconic and famous Nova Scotia landmark.  A small fishing village, with the well known Peggy's Cove Lighthouse standing proudly atop the white rocks.  A worthwhile visit, unforgettable pictures, and great day out!  Stay off the black rocks though!

  • Tanner & Co. Brewing

    50 Hiltz Rd, Chester Basin, NS B0J 1K0 .

    If local brews are your thing, this is a great microbrewery to stop by!  Convenient if you are driving to or from Peggys Cove. 

    Grab a bottle to go and enjoy it chilled on our balcony over the harbour while the sunsets!  Sounds good to us!

  • Fort Point Museum

    LaHave, NS B0R 1G0 .

    A beautiful lighthouse and informative museum full of LaHave River history.  Set in a gorgeous location overlooking the water, with a small gift shop. 

    Take the ferry over the LaHave, or swing by if coming from Liverpool.  This joins up well with Crescent or Rissers Beach, as well as that famous LaHave Bakery!  Make it a day!

  • Cape LaHave Adventures

    90 Bells Cove Rd, LaHave, NS B0R 1C0 .

    Get outside and enjoy the nature of south shore Nova Scotia!  Find peace out on the water, and enjoy the beauty and bliss.  Choose from kayaks or paddleboards, and even take a guided tour if you desire!  Is there a better way to spend a summer day?